Nourhan apologizes for “Morstan” – Al-Ru’ya newspaper news


Egyptian actress Nourhan has apologized for participating in the play “Moristan”, directed by Samir Al-Asfouri, after several rehearsals in which she participated on the national stage, to be replaced by actress Nermin Zaazaa.

And “Moristan” will be the next show on the Egyptian National Theater in Cairo after the end of the performance of the play “The Optimist” by Sameh Hussein.

The play represents the return of the great director Samir Al-Asfoury and the able artist Samiha Ayoub to stand on the stage of the national stage and also Samah Anwar. The theater center received it with celebration and intense blessings that are still continuing.

It is noteworthy that Al-Asfouri presented to the Arab theater masterpieces of plays that are still being shown and re-played on satellite channels, as he is the maker of joy and a pioneer of the pioneers of Arab theater .

“Moristan” revolves around the family of Shabrawi, that rich man with wealth, who suddenly became paralyzed in bed. He was no longer able to move or speak, but he could follow those around him, but his son took possession of his wealth.


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