Nokia announces the Nokia 225 4G and Nokia 215 4G phones


The company (HMD) HMD announced through its official account for Nokia phones on the Chinese social networking site (Weibo) for two traditional phones that feature support for 4G LTE networks.

The two phones (Nokia 225 4G) Nokia 225 4G and (Nokia 215 4G) Nokia 215 4G feature voice calling support via 4G VoLTE networks and HD calls via the three Chinese telecom companies.

The company did not reveal the specifications of the two phones completely, but they come with a body made of polycarbonate, and it seems that they have a similar general shape, however it can be said: The Nokia 225 4G phone has a more distinctive design and glamor. Both phones also have FM radio, LED lights, and external microSD memory card slots.

The Nokia 225 4G phone offers a VGA camera on the back, while the Nokia 215 4G phone offers no rear cameras. The promotional posters also note that the Nokia 225 4G has a more battery-efficient processor.

The Nokia 215 4G phone comes in two colors: black and green, and is available for initial order at some Chinese retail stores, as it appears that its price is equivalent to $ 43, and it will begin shipping from October 14.

As for the Nokia 225 4G phone, there are not many details about it, but the GSMArena website stated that its price is equivalent to $ 52, and it is available in three colors: black, blue, and gold, and the initial order will start on October 17th. This October.

Nokia 225 4G

Separately related to Nokia, telecom companies Orange and Proximus have chosen Nokia to help build 5G networks in Belgium; Because they abandoned Huawei amid US pressure to exclude the Chinese company from supplying major communications equipment.

These moves are among the first steps taken by commercial operators in Europe to drop Huawei from next-generation networks, and it comes after months of diplomatic pressure from Washington, which alleges that Beijing may use Huawei equipment for espionage.

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