Nokia and NASA are sending mobile networks to the moon


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Nokia, North America, in cooperation with NASA, announced fourth-generation communication networks on the surface of the moon, in what seems to be the astronauts of the Artemis mission, scheduled to be sent in 2024 to the moon, able to communicate by phone with each other, as well as communicate with the moon.

According to a tweet posted by the official Nokia account on Twitter, it has been approved by NASA as a primary partner in the process of establishing communications technology on the moon.

NASA pledged this week to provide $ 14.1 million to finance a project in cooperation with the Finnish telecommunications company Nokia, to build a fourth-generation (4G) mobile phone network, based near the south pole of the moon, according to Russia Today.

About the site selection, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstein said in an Internet broadcast: “The moon is a repository of data and information from the early solar system.” NASA’s goal is to establish a working lunar base by 2028, and the Antarctic site is the best because the ice deposits there will make long-range missions more sustainable.

The US Space Agency’s Artemis mission aims to land the first woman on the moon’s surface, in 2024, and the first man since the Apollo lunar mission in 1972.

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