No discussion of “the system” before disarming the militias


A member of the powerful republican bloc, MP Dr. Fadi Saad, said that what was proven in the words of former Prime Minister Saad Hariri to the “Time Has Come” program is that if the results of the parliamentary consultations to form the government are established to him, he will not be satisfied with forming a government except on Mustafa Adeeb’s conditions, except for his intention to assign a ministry Finance to the honorable Shiite community, with a “one-time” graduation, knowing that this magical graduation that provokes the minds of the Lebanese, transformed the cooks into a “transit custom” within the group of “customs without demand.”».

Regarding the “no alternative” equation for Saad Hariri to head the executive authority, Saad affirmed that regardless of what links the forces with Hariri and the Future Movement, the generous Sunni community is full of energies and national figures with high competence to lead the Lebanese ship, noting that “forces” deal with the designation The present president of the government, based on its convictions and its reading of the conditions accompanying the parliamentary consultations, and did not hesitate to name Hariri when it saw the appropriate character for the stage, and refrained from naming him when the winds went contrary to what the ships desire.

In response to a question, Saad expressed his lack of optimism with a recent birth to the government, because he considered that external elements were preventing the achievement of this entitlement despite its importance, and at the forefront of which is the fiery tension between Tehran and Washington, which, thanks to Hezbollah’s agenda, is reflected negatively on the Lebanese income, and is therefore not strange – Saad continued – the timing of the claim to the Ministry of Finance by the Shiite duo, because it is proven that the latter wants to deal directly with the American, without passing through the French channels, adding: “Even if a government is formed according to the current mentality in running the country, it will be on a fixed and inevitable date with failure».

And he added: “Although we are living in a regime crisis, what is required is not to lay the foundations for a new regime. Rather, what is required is the implementation of the Taif Agreement in letter and spirit, especially the first clause of it that emphasized the disarmament of militias, and we will not accept any other research in light of the presence of weapons outside the authority of the institution. At a time when a series of fateful crises are sweeping the country, some viewed us with a parliamentary review, by submitting a proposal for a law to establish a council of elders under the title “Paving the way for the establishment of a civil state”, that is, a civil state they aspire to, and they themselves are the owners of this proposal publicly demanding and insisting on a funeral The Ministry of Finance, and about which civil state they talk about, and their religious party ally is headed by a cleric, and it dominates the joints of power from the top of the pyramid to its base, and we have not yet talked about how the civil state is compatible with personal conditions based on religious foundations that differ in form and content between one religion and another. Even among the sects of one religion.

Saad concluded by saying that the French initiative, in its first version, fell with the recognition of its godfather, French President Emmanuel Macron, and today we may be facing a second version, but it will doomedly to failure, as long as the Iranian Hezbollah agenda is what determines the form and content of the future government.


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