Nisreen Tafesh to “Al-Vision”: “El-Gouna” is immune to Corona


Syrian actress Nisreen Tafesh said that she did not hesitate to attend the activities of the fourth session of the El Gouna Film Festival, which is scheduled to conclude its activities, next Saturday, despite the spread of a virus Corona in Egypt and the countries of the world.

Tafesh added, to»The vision », that it is keen to attend the festival since the launch of its first session, due to its severe organization and brought a number of distinctive films in its various competitions, stressing that it was confident that the festival management would protect the guests from an epidemic Corona, by following the precautionary measures of wearing masks and using disinfectants.

The Syrian artist praised the artistic level of my film »The man who sold his back »W.»Gold Guard », confirming the excellence of the films presented in this session of the festival.


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