News 24 | The head of the “Meteorological Authority” clarifies the preparations for facing the “Safir Reservoir” disaster


The head of the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment, Engineer Ali Al-Ghamdi, said that there are simulations and exercises being carried out by the authority as part of national plans to respond to what may happen with regard to the Safir reservoir located in the Red Sea off the coast of the Kingdom.

He explained – in an intervention on Al Arabiya TV – that there is a permanent readiness for the authority for any accidents that occur there, and that readiness shows the Kingdom’s ability to protect beaches of sensitivity and environmental importance.

Al-Ghamdi reviewed the distinctiveness of the coastal areas in the Kingdom on the Red Sea and the islands, such as the Farasan Islands, which are among the best tourist areas, and are rich in fish wealth and coral reefs, which are the focus of attention of visitors and tourists.

The ship Safer – which has turned into a floating tank for receiving and exporting oil – is considered a floating bomb due to the oil spill from it, and the Houthi militia refused to carry out maintenance.


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