News 24 | Study: “Aspirin” reduces the risk of “Corona” symptoms and protects the risk of death


A scientific study revealed that taking aspirin reduces the risk of developing Corona virus patients extreme fatigue or death.

The study showed, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, that taking a pill daily protects a person with Covid 19 from entering the intensive care unit or putting on a ventilator by more than 40%, and reduces the risk of death by nearly half.

The medical team at the University of Maryland UMSOM Medical College showed cautious optimism about the study, and about the effectiveness of this easy drug.

The supervisor of the study, and assistant professor of anesthesiology at the university, Dr. Jonathan Chow, described this as a result of the task, adding: “If our findings are confirmed, it will make aspirin the first drug widely available without a prescription to reduce deaths among Covid 19 patients.”

The medical team conducted the study by following the medical records of 412 patients with corona who were treated at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, and three other hospitals, where they found that a quarter of the patients took a low daily dose of aspirin before or after entering directly to manage cardiovascular disease.

The study showed that daily aspirin use reduced the risk of entering the intensive care unit by 43%, reduced the risk of exposure to a ventilator system by 44%, and decreased the risk of death in hospital by 47% compared to those who did not take aspirin.


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