News 24 | “Food and Drug Administration” explains the difference between bottled drinking water and mineral water (video)


The Food and Drug Authority explained the difference between bottled drinking water and bottled mineral water.

She said that the bottled water is divided into two parts: The first type is bottled natural mineral water, and this type is obtained from natural sources such as springs and others.

She added that the second type is bottled drinking water, which is treated water intended for human consumption and contains natural or intentionally added minerals.

She indicated that the two types differ in their content of dissolved solid salts such as potassium and sodium salts, as they are in mineral water as it is at the source without any change, while in drinking water it ranges from 100 to 500 parts per million.

The authority confirmed that all water products on the market are subject to technical regulations and specifications based on international legislation and regulations.


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