News 24 | After the intervention of the Prince of the Northern Borders … a citizen gives up his father’s killer, for God’s sake


A citizen gave for the sake of God a person who killed his father, in response to the intercession of the Prince of the Northern Borders Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Sultan, and all the tribal sheikhs.

The citizen who surrendered to God’s sake, Talal Mazhar al-Saadoun, thanked the Emir of the Northern Borders for his eagerness to reform the same, his interest and his close follow-up, and his benevolent endeavors, which were not announced, which continued until the announcement of the abdication to the liberation of Saadoun bin Daham al-Hathal.

He also thanked all the tribal elders for their presence at home, and their good endeavors stemming from the government’s interest and keenness to spread the culture of tolerance, forgiveness, transgression, conflict resolution and reconciliation in disputes, calling on everyone to fight excessive blood money.

In turn, Sheikh Musalat bin Zabn Al-Hathal expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Emir of the Northern Borders for his good endeavors to concede the people of blood to God’s sake, and for his follow-up of the issue with interest and care.

He noted that the Al-Saadoun family is good and loyal people, and their concession to God Almighty is another evidence of their authentic mineral and their love for tolerance.


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