New Zealand announces beating Corona virus for the second time


Following the imposition of a tight lockdown nationwide between late March and late May, it was believed that the country was about to be wiped out Corona Virus In the post a hundred days have passed without any infection recorded.

However, a new epicenter of the epidemic emerged in Auckland in August, forcing the city of 1.5 million people to close for about three weeks until the beginning of September.

And in the absence of new confirmed cases in Auckland 12 days ago, Ardern said Monday that the virus is now under control, and congratulated residents for taking a second stone.

“The people of Auckland and New Zealand stuck to the plan, which has worked twice now, and beat the virus again,” the Labor leader said.

This success comes at a convenient time for Ardern, as voters are invited to participate in the parliamentary elections on October 17th. Ardern’s chances of remaining at the head of government are high.

Ardern indicated that, starting from Wednesday evening, the health alert level in Auckland will be reduced to the first level, which is in effect in the rest of the country. This means that from now on there are no longer any restrictions on public gatherings.

But Ardern warned at the same time that the achievements made so far should not be satisfied, expressing dissatisfaction with the lack of use of the official application to track injuries Covid-19 And from the decrease in the number of examinations that are performed.


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