New clashes between police and demonstrators in Baghdad


New clashes occurred today, Monday, between dozens of demonstrators and security forces in Tahrir Square, the day after the demonstrations in Baghdad marking the first anniversary of the “October Revolution”, while the city of Karbala also witnessed clashes at night.
Dozens of young men tried to cross the Republic Bridge, which connects Tahrir Square to the Green Zone, where the government, parliament and the US embassy are located.Demonstrators threw rocks and tried to break through police barriers, who responded with tear gas and stun grenades.

In the southern city of Karbala, which last year was the scene of night demonstrations, until the early morning hours, young protesters threw stones at police officers taking cover behind iron shields and carrying batons, who in turn threw them at the demonstrators again.

The security forces also fired in the air to disperse the demonstrators, who retreated to the rear.

In Nasiriyah (south), the historical stronghold of the demonstrations in Iraq, hundreds of demonstrators stayed until late during the night Al-Haboubi Square, in the city center, chanting the national anthem and slogans calling for the maintenance of a peaceful nature of the movement.

The city of Diwaniyah (south) witnessed similar demonstrations, during which demonstrators burned tires for some time in a number of streets in the city center, while the city of Hilla (south) witnessed similar clashes.

On Sunday, thousands demonstrated in separate areas of the country, on the first anniversary of the unprecedented popular protests against the authorities, which the protesters consider unable to reform conditions, address unemployment, fight corruption, improve basic services and limit the growing influence of armed factions loyal to Iran.

About 600 protesters were killed and 30,000 injured, as well as hundreds of arrests during last year’s protests.

The day to commemorate the protests is a test for Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s government, who has risen to office hoping to save the country from deterioration. He had confirmed that he had ordered the security forces not to use weapons against the demonstrators.


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