New Apple patent raises questions about iPhone 13


It seems that the American company “Apple” is seriously considering issuing a foldable phone similar to what Samsung and Huawei did, although it does not seem in a hurry so far.

The site “techradar” stated that a new patent was monitored for Apple (Patently Apple), and the patent was registered in April and published on October 27, 2020, and it concerns a protective layer for the foldable screens designed to prevent cracks.

According to the site, the new feature called “Hard Coat Layer” will help protect the screen against cracks forming as well as fill in pre-existing micro cracks.

This feature is important because, as the patent indicates, glass fractures tend to appear from the presence of tiny cracks. So by filling it up in the screen you will be less likely to break.

Foldable phones are usually more vulnerable to damage than regular smartphones due to the moving parts, not to mention the flexible display, so adding some durability is important for the comfort of buyers.

As is always the case with patents, it should be noted that it is not necessary for them to be used in the manufacture of a commercial product, but what Apple did means that it is exploring the possibility of the matter, and therefore it is not possible to ascertain whether the American company will launch a foldable phone despite rumors circulating that it has A prototype for phones with this feature.

So it is possible that the iPhone 13 (or a copy of it) will be foldable, especially since competitors such as Samsung and Huawei have had foldable phones for several years.

And those foldable phones are not achieving big sales yet, so perhaps Apple will not be in a hurry to join the competition, and it remains likely that the iPhone 14 or iPhone 15 will be foldable, assuming that the company will stick to that idea.

Source: Alhurra


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