NBA Lakers final kicks off the final with a comfortable victory over Heat – Al-Binaa newspaper


cut Team Loos Angeles Lakers, first a step Toward Equation the number Standard لبسطن Celtics (Has been made Title 17 Once)، When Has been made Anthony Davies وليبرون James 59 Point in a the win 116-98 On Miami Hit, د in a Opening Final Cyclic a ball The basket American For professionals. And it progresses The Lakers, winner By title 16 Once Getting late With a title the unit About Rivals Celtics, (1-0) in a Series Which Decide On Basis Best in a 7 Matches.

وحول Hungarian, Lost seem The Lakers first Final Ago The year 2010 Form Bad As Has been made Hit 13 Point Consecutive To come forward (25-12)، To be forced مدّبه Frank Vogel لطلب time Deducted With a view turning off Retreat His team.

و .تى Command Its fruits Thanks to shine on Kentavius Caldwell Bob وديفيز And passes James To score The Lakers 19 Point front side 3 points Damn لندي Quarter the first Ahead (31-28).

Say The Lakers His dominance in a Start Quarter The second Before that Take away Hit Progress (43-41) distance Toward Four minutes Genealogy.

But Uprising Hit did not Bloody long Send The Lakers Throws Triple لندي Quarter The second Logs 24 Point, front side 5 points To his competitor Which did not Owns Which Solutions Before Defense The Lakers the giant Led Dwight Howard.

وحقق The Lakers A number Record للفريق Logs 11 throw Triple in a The half the first and he the above للفريق in a Which Run in a Its history in a Roles Exclusionary. And affected Hit With an injury Juran دراغيتش Web Adebayo And out From the match.

وتعرض دراغيتش To a problem in a The foot in a Quarter The second, In suffer Adebayo From infection in a the shoulder, as such clear up Affected Their colleague Jimmy Butler Contorted in a ankle exposure for him in a End Quarter The second and he What repeat Once Other in a Quarter the third.

وبدأ The Lakers Quarter the third From Where is over As Record 22 Point, front side 7 points To his competitor in a first 6 minutes To come forward 87-55 and he The difference the biggest for him in a the match.And did not Play Butler لفترة long in a Quarter the last one Where he decided Eric Spolstra Coach Hit Accreditation On Replacements.

وقلّص Hit The difference to me 13 Point With Retreat The Lakers But James Has been made 6 points Consecutive To ensure grab His team the win in a first match. وتصدر Davies List My registrar The Lakers With a score 34 Point And he followed James, in a His match number 50 in a Series Final, And him 25 Point Addition to me Acquisition On 13 a ball Rebound.

And it was James On distance Pass Decisive one From 3 numbers Dual As pass 9 Balls Decisive. و .حرز Butler 23 Point لهيت و .ضاف alternative Kendrick Bread 18 Point.

The second match will take place today, Friday.


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