Nawal Al-Zoghbi described the Lebanese situation accurately


Lebanon suffers from a very difficult economic situation and a livelihood that is much more difficult than ever before. Unemployment has increased, and young people have begun to migrate in search of safety and security.

The Lebanese star Nawal Al-Zoghbi, who stood by her people and attacked all the political class that destroyed Lebanon and contributed to its negligence, by bombing the port of Beirut on the fourth of August – and Lebanon went back years after its city became afflicted.

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She wrote: “Time stood still in Lebanon … and the people prayed for what they think other than how they are safe to eat and drink .. People walk forward and we turn back to Laura.”

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The majority of the Lebanese people are unable to secure neither food nor drink, due to the deteriorating economic conditions and the seizure of depositors’ money by banks, in addition to the collapse of the Lebanese currency against the US dollar.

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