NASA: The chances of life on Mars are rising


Jim Bridenstein, NASA president, announced at a conference of the Mars Society via the Internet, that the possibility of life on Mars continues to increase, and EADaily reports that Bridenstein indicated that “the more we search, the more we know about the elements that we consider necessary for the existence of life on Mars or was present on it.” the past”.

The NASA chief confirmed that he had previously found evidence confirming the existence of liquid water on the red planet, and more than this researchers are confident that there are particles of organic matter there, and said, “We want to collect samples from the surface of the planet, in order to better understand the planet’s past, especially if they are found.” On its surface is life or not. ”

He added that NASA intends to send a person to Mars, and that the fastest way is to use the moon, where we can test and use techniques that can be used after that on the red planet, and said: “The advantage of the moon is that it can return to Earth within three days if something bad happens.”

It is noteworthy that NASA announced in the spring of 2019 the Artemis program, which is to be implemented in three stages: the first stage – the flight of the unmanned Orion spacecraft in 2021 and the second, the rotation of the manned vehicle around the moon in 2023 and the third stage includes the landing of astronauts on its surface. And from there to Mars.


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