NASA telescope observes the “Big Gourd pair” galaxy with glowing eyes and a smile


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NASA’s Hubble Telescope has detected a so-called pair The Big Gourd Galaxy Which is 120 million light years from Earth, and in this regard, astronomers say that Galaxies Resembling an iconic Halloween decoration, forming what appears to be two glowing eyes and a twisted carved smile. However, the scene is a snapshot of the early stages of the galactic collision NGC 2292 and NCG 2293 slowly as the faint bluish smile returns to a newly formed star cluster, the glowing eyes are Clusters of stars around two supermassive black holes.
Experts say that this event, despite its occurrence very slowly, could lead to a giant spiral galaxy, and the team notes that our Milky Way galaxy is due to collide with the neighboring Andromeda Galaxy, in about six billion years, and although it is unlikely that If any of us are here, the event “can take on a frightening appearance as well.”
The frightening “smile” is actually the early stages of rebuilding a spiral galaxy, the researchers explained, as it extends into every galaxy and likely formed by the pressure of interstellar gas, when the pair began to collide – the orange color of aging red stars.
The galaxies NGC 2292 and NCG 2293 are located in the constellation Canis Major, and the pair was similar to the objects marked by the Galaxy Zoo Project, where volunteers go to search for galaxies that resemble an alien ball.
Astronomer William Keel, of the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, believes that the Big Pumpkin will transform into a giant spiral galaxy similar to UGC, and Keel speculates that the ultimate fate of this pair will be to merge into a giant spiral galaxy and luminous like UGC 2885, the Robin Galaxy, which is more than twice the diameter of our own. Milky Way.

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