NASA sends a robot to the moon to search for ice


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NASA sends a robot to search for ice today, Monday, October 19, 2020 08:23 pm

NASA has chosen the American company, Intuitive Machines of Houston, to transport a small PRIME-1 robot, which will search for ice, next December at the south pole of the moon, according to the NASA website.The robot is expected to drill the surface of the moon and extract the ice from its cavity. Then the PRIME-1 robot, using a spectrometer, records the evaporation of ice in the conditions of empty space.

“The information we will receive will help us create favorable conditions for a permanent and stable human presence on the surface of the moon, and it will give us new knowledge about the moon’s resources and how to extract them,” said NASA Deputy Director for Scientific Research, Thomas Zurbuchen.

It is reported that the US lunar program requires that the year 2021 launch a super-heavy missile, the “Orion” unmanned vehicle, to the moon’s orbit, to return to Earth later. As for the flight of the “Orion” manned vehicle to the moon’s orbit, it is planned by 2023. With regard to the landing of American astronauts on the surface of the moon, it is planned to achieve it in 2024.


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