“NASA” is in a hurry to store a sample of the asteroid “Benno” to prevent its leakage – Think and Art – last page


The US Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said, on Monday, that it will carry out early storage of a sample of the asteroid “Bennu” that was collected last week after it detected the leakage of particles from it.

Last Tuesday, the “Osiris – Rex” spacecraft carried out the first operation by NASA to collect a sample from an asteroid within a seven-year flight.

The spacecraft took a large sample of the asteroid “Benno”, which is a black pile of rubble about 500 meters wide and 290 million kilometers from Earth. It is expected that the sample will be transported to Earth in September 2023 for further study.

NASA hopes that this billion-dollar mission will reveal the secrets of our solar system’s origins.



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