NASA announces the discovery of water on the lunar surface


Sharjah 24 – Reuters:
On Monday, Director of the US Space Agency Jim Braidenstein announced a discovery made by “NASA”, which would change the nature of the space missions to the moon, after finding water on its bright surface.

Brydenstein explained, in a tweet on Twitter, that we confirm the presence of water on the surface of the moon illuminated by the sun for the first time, using the Sophia observatory.

At the same time, he pointed out that it is not yet known whether it is possible to use that water as a source, and added that finding water on the surface of the moon is considered essential for the exploration plans, “Artemis”.

For his part, the director of the Department of Astrophysics at NASA, Paul Hertz, confirmed that we have indications that water, in its composition as we know it, is in the region that the sun shines on the surface of the moon.


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