Napoli miss Juventus in the Italian league due to “Corona”


Napoli miss Juventus in the Italian league due to “Corona”

Sunday – 17 Safar 1442 AH – 04 October 2020 CE

The referees of the Juventus and Napoli match on the pitch (AP)

Rome: “Middle East Online”

Today, Sunday, Napoli was absent from attending the “Allianz Stadium” in Turin to face Juventus in the third stage of the Italian Football League, citing the emerging “Corona” virus, which would lead to being considered a loser (0-3) according to the League’s regulations derived from the laws of the League. European Game Federation (UEFA).
Juventus players were on the pitch and conducted their usual warm-up exercises before the match, as well as the refereeing staff, according to what was reported by Agence France-Presse.
The southern club announced (Saturday) that the results of two players in its ranks were positive with “Covid-19”, namely the Macedonian Jeff Almas and the Polish Piotr Zelensky, in light of reports that the coach of the team, Gennaro Gattuso, was also injured, which the club denied in a tweet it published hours ago on “Twitter” in which he said: “The news about Mr. Gattuso’s infection with Covid-19 is unfounded,” indicating that “the team will conduct the next swabs tomorrow (Monday).”
The League had decided to hold the match based on the laws of “Wifa”, which stipulate the necessity of holding any match in the event that there are 13 healthy players to play, including a goalkeeper, which falls under the status of Napoli. But the health authorities in the southern city decided not to allow the team to travel to Turin, fearing an outbreak of the virus.


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