Najwa Karam thinks about immigration? … What if she is the president of the Republic of Lebanon? (Video)


The sun of the Lebanese singer Najwa Karam appeared in an exclusive interview with “ET in Arabic”, in which she talked about the conditions Lebanon is going through.
Najwa assured that she does not understand politics and she does not have the honor in that. She affirmed her love for Lebanon, saying: “I love this country, and even if any politician I love as much as I do, we would have found the greatest country in the world.”

In response to a question about whether she had thought of immigrating from Lebanon, she replied: “I want God. This question puts me to an end.”

Najwa defended President Michel Aoun in an indirect way after the presenter asked her what to do in the event that she was president of the Lebanese Republic, to answer: “What is the matter of being president of the republic, because if the presidency does not give me the powers of the quorum judge and thief, I do not want to be president Republic. “
On the date of her return to concerts, Najwa confirmed that she will perform a concert on the fifth of next November and it will be her first concert after stopping due to the Corona crisis.


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