Nadine Nassib Najim in her latest appearance with her children


The star Nadine Nassib Najim shared her audience with a photo with her children, through her Instagram account, in her latest appearance, and the photo won the admiration of dozens of her followers, flirting with her looks and beauty.

Nadine Nassib Njeim

The artist, Nadine Nassib Najim, recently celebrated her son’s birthday, and published a video clip of pictures that she collected with her son through her Instagram account, and wrote: “I wish I did not see you the best, successful and happy young man. You never see evil and my heart rejoices in you, with your love for you very much.

The Lebanese star, Nadine Nassib Najim, shared her audience with a new photo of her in which she appeared injured in the face after her house was destroyed in the Beirut explosion at the beginning of last August. Urgent“.

It is noteworthy that Nadine Nassib Njeim recently underwent surgery due to her injury in the Beirut Port explosion, which left thousands of wounded and dozens dead..

The Lebanese artist revealed the last moments before the Beirut port bombing, which she picked up from the lens of her mobile phone, through which she was standing next to the window and picking up the first fire of the accident moments before the bombing that brought her to the ground. Nadine Njeim wrote on the video she posted on her Instagram account: “The inauspicious moment, I was holding the phone and screamed, Have you been close by thanking God a thousand times that after me you live“.


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