Mulan increases revenue for “Disney” after achieving $ 66.8 million


Disney is trying to raise the revenues of its famous movie Mulan through its electronic platform after concluding its revenues at the box office with a balance of 66.8 million dollars, and the company seeks to obtain more views and revenues by marketing its famous movie Mulan through subscriptions of $ 29.99 per month.

The Disney platform launched an action and thriller movie Mulan As the company aims from that step to increase the number of subscribers to the platform, especially since there is a large number of movie lovers who did not go through the experience of watching movies in the cinema because of their fear of the emerging Corona virus.

The film stars Donnie Yen, who presented a large number of successful artworks, most notably: “Seven Swords”, “Painted Skin”, “Ip Man” “The Lost Bladesman” and “Together”, and others. Mulan is the artist, Liu Yi Fai, and is joined by Jet Li, Lee Jong and Jason Lee.

While Disney confirmed working on a new version of the animation movie Bambi, which was released in 1942, and the film will be in the way of Live Action, and Geneva Robertson Dworet “Captain Marvel” and Lindsay Peer “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser” By writing the new movie, produced by Disney producers Chris and Paul Weitz.

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