Muhammad Ramadan after defeating the ligers: the first one to win, and the heroes of the world of Makdrouch .. Video


The star appeared Mohamed Ramadan During a video in a link to a fight with the “ligger” animal through his account on the Instagram website, by being able to pull the rope from his mouth, and commenting on the video, saying: “Praise be to God, the first one to win over the liger … world champions who tried and appreciated.” Those around Ramadan congratulate him when they confirm that he is the first person to overcome him in that way.

Muhammad Ramadan during his celebration of the victory over Al-Nimr

The leopard is at the top of the list of hybrids, and it results from the mating of a male lion with a female tiger.

Muhammad Ramadan during his fight with the tiger
Muhammad Ramadan during his fight with the tiger
On the other hand, the star participated Mohamed Ramadan He followed his most important moments, as happened recently when he reviewed a video on his Instagram account, while receiving gifts from his fans in Abu Dhabi, where the gift came in the form of a set of perfumes.
Muhammad Ramadan and Al-Nimr
Muhammad Ramadan and Al-Nimr

And this is not the first time that Ramadan reviews the gifts he receives in the UAE, so he previously shared his audience with another gift he received, and posted a video through the short stories feature in his account on InstagramTo his songs “Mafia” and “Number One,” he showed off his gift, which was a black robe written on it Number OneAs he previously posted a picture on his official account on the Instagram website, with a gold phone.

And the star has already appeared Mohamed Ramadan Recently in a picture through his official account on the Instagram site, in which he indicated that he is a number one in his own way, through a “robot robot” written on it ONE Ramadan referred to him in his usual way, and the star Muhammad Ramadan revealed the start of filming his new song “Al Sharaa Qalal Four”, in Dubai, where he published through his Instagram account a video clip from the scenes of photography and he sits in one of the luxury cars to the tune of some of the lyrics of the song, commenting on it: “From Dubai We have begun preparing for filming the song Al Sharaa, analyzing four … Trust in God is success.


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