Muhammad Farraj: The “black box” is full of surprises … and my personality is the reason for the escalation of events


The artist, Mohamed Farraj, told “Al-Ru’ya” that he embodies the character of “Syed” in the movie “The Black Box”, which belongs to the type of thriller and suspense films, and discusses social issues, indicating that his role in the film is different from the rest of the roles he presented before.

Farraj added, that he embodies the role of “Syed”, a controversial figure within the film, and events escalate due to it until the end, stressing that he considers this role completely different, as it is a very new stadium for him in form and subject.

He explained that it is the first time that he will appear in this way, indicating that there will be many surprises in terms of form and content for all artists participating in the work, wishing to present his best to his audience, especially since he recently chooses his works very carefully, and what attracts him most to participate in any A work of art is the story of a work.

The movie “The Black Box” starring Mona Zaki, Muhammad Farraj, Mustafa Khater, Sherif Salama, Hala Al-Saeed, Asma Jalal, and it is a story and directed by Mahmoud Kamel, screenplay and dialogue by Ahmed Al-Dahan and Haitham Al-Dahan.

The actress, Mona Zaki, embodies the role of “Yasmine”, who is surprised that strangers stormed her house on a fateful mission to steal something important, and Yasmine tries to escape from them, but to no avail. To what extent will you be able to withstand? This is how the thriller “The Black Box” takes place, which witnesses the return of Mona Zaki to the cinema after an absence of 4 years.

Through the official teaser for the film, we see “Yasmine” alone in the face of two thieves, played by Muhammad Faraj and Mustafa Khater, and what makes her position more dangerous is that she is pregnant, which also puts her fetus at risk. Will the fetus stand up to all these violent chases until the end?


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