Muhammad Bakhsh, a son of the city and a generation of the seventies, emigrant with his art – Saudi News


From his middle school in the city, his talent was released .. and from her literary club, he theatrically jogged with scenes of “trust” .. and on Jeddah TV and its broadcast, the eyes of an artist born on the screen and the ether … and externally, he embodied a central role and a major engine in “Arab drama” .. With these stages he was launched Anan is a confident actor, and the capabilities of an aspiring person who has enriched Saudi art … he is the artist, Muhammad Bakhsh.In the midst of distress and suffering, moving between Medina and Jeddah; He built the journey of his days by carrying the banner of passion and inspiration … and from the association with acting, theater, drama, radio and television He joined the profession and was one of its main pillars .. From looking at the self-made of the early drama makers; He has, in pursuing his passion, stories and stories … so he opened a green signal to launch and glow.

When he immigrated from Medina and settled in Jeddah, out of love for art; He went to television, hoping the path to fame … and the road to stardom; He worked as a seller of gemstones and engineered them .. In his beginnings with acting, young and young; He emulated a generation that preceded him who dreamed of meeting him … and at the beginning of his realization; He became addicted to watching old Arab films … and when he cried in his father’s hands to produce the film “Amal Al-Wafa” for him; Realize the difference between vanity and confidence.

And if some of the new generation did not know “the teacher Darwish” until after the “Sheikh’s neighborhood” returned to stardom; The generation of the Hijri seventies witnessed the emergence of a Saudi star without an identical version that would form his roles as he wanted … and because the audience is the judge of the artist’s works; He surrounded his followers with love, studying their tastes, and he was close to them.

His huge domestic and Arab dramas for four decades did not satisfy his arrogance, as there are still artistic matters in his head that he did not discover .. With a Saudi model, the major Arab stars participated in the business championships .. and he fought the experience of production and authorship, forcing the official authorities to retreat from supporting the drama, bemoaning a past time in which interest was Is high.

Between cinema and theater, it became between desire, abandonment, pain and agony. He cut off his relationship with “Abu al-Funun” due to the bankruptcy of his commitment to the fundamentals of support .. And with the “white screen” he bemoaned its lack of the “content-making room” .. and he did not manage his concerns and ideas and did not tie them to discouraging obstacles and obstacles, but broadcast them on the dialogue table clearly and transparently; A critic and evaluator, and hopes for the ambition of a new generation to take it to the steps that would take it to the world .. This is the journey of an artist who is still searching for his artistic shadow.


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