More than 250 thousand deaths from Corona virus in Europe


More than 250,000 deaths from the new Corona virus have been counted in Europe, according to a France Press census based on official sources on Sunday.

In total, 250 thousand and 30 deaths were recorded in Europe from seven million and 366 thousand and 28 injuries, more than two-thirds of which were in the United Kingdom (43 thousand and 646 deaths from 722 thousand and 409 injuries), Italy (36 thousand and 543 deaths from 414 thousand and 241 injuries) and Spain (33 thousand And 775 deaths from 936 thousand and 560 injuries), France (33 thousand and 392 deaths from 867 thousand and 197 injuries) and Russia (24 thousand and 187 deaths from one million and 399 thousand and 334 injuries).

More than eight thousand deaths were counted in the last seven days (8,342), the largest in the region for a week since mid-May.


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