More than 20 thousand new infections in France, and the largest number of deaths within a week


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                On Friday, France set a new record in the number of infections with the Coronavirus, as it exceeded 20 thousand cases, while the number of deaths reached 100 within 24 hours, which is the largest number in one week.

                                    <p>Published <a target="_blank" href="فيروس-كورونا-إغلاق-الحانات-في-العاصمة-باريس-وضواحيها-وإجراءات-مشددة-بمراكز-التسوق-والمتاجر" rel="noopener noreferrer"><strong>French Ministry of Health</strong></a> Friday data on case <a target="_blank" href="فيروس-كورونا-فرنسا-تسجل-18746-إصابة-جديدة-في-حصيلة-يومية-قياسية-منذ-ظهور-الوباء" rel="noopener noreferrer"><strong>The Covid-19 epidemic</strong></a>  In the country the number jumped <a target="_blank" href="فرنسا-تعلن-حالة-التأهب-القصوى-في-عدة-مدن-لمواجهة-ارتفاع-الإصابات-بفيروس-كورونا" rel="noopener noreferrer"><strong>New infections</strong></a>Within 24 hours, to more than 20,000 for the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic.

The ministry recorded 20,330 new cases, which raises the total number of injuries in the country to 691,977 cases. The ministry detected more than 18,000 new daily infections during the past two days.

The number of deaths due to HIV infection increased by 109, to 32,630 in total, which is the largest number of deaths within a week.

France 24 / Reuters



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