Mona Zaki: I will not repeat the experience of “Cinderella” and the producers are half of the generation of Nabila Obaid and Nadia Al-Jundi | news


Actress Mona Zaki talked about the idea of ​​re-presenting an autobiographical series, as she had previously done in the series “The Cinderella” about the life story of the late artist Souad Hosni.

Mona said during her stay as a guest on “Sky News Arabia” this morning, with journalist Saeed Hariri, “I will not choose to embody the life of an actress. I prefer this time to be a scientist or a dancer, because we have many examples of successful women and pioneers in the Arab world in general.” Egypt in particular. ”

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Mona responded to the idea that contemporary Egyptian movie stars could not bear the ultimate responsibility for heroism, like Nabila Obeid and Nadia Al-Jundi in the past, despite the important attempts of many stars now, and she supported this analysis, explaining that the matter is beyond their control due to the change in circumstances as a whole. Al-Mady, adding: “Yasmine Abdel Aziz is the most representative of our generation who made gains at the box office, but it did not happen with others because of the difficulty of the producers currently enthusiastic about the women’s championships.”

Mona explained that she was enthusiastic about the movie “The Black Box” because of the scenario, the story is good and has an interesting and fast imagination, so I was happy with this experience with Muhammad Farraj and Mustafa Khater because they are two talented stars, and although the current circumstances are not the best cinematic, she expected that the film will appeal to the audience.

Mona expressed her pride in obtaining the Fat Hamama Award for Excellence in the 42nd session of the Cairo Film Festival, stressing that it is a great honor for her because Faten Hamama is a great artistic value and an ideal of talent and culture.

Mona Zaki with Saeed Hariri

It is reported that Mona Zaki is waiting for her film “The Black Box” to be shown soon in the cinemas.

The movie “The Black Box” is written by Ahmed and Haitham Al Dahan and directed by Mahmoud Kamel, and produced by Gabi Khoury, starring Mona Zaki, Muhammad Farraj, Mustafa Khater and other stars.

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