Microsoft strengthens its customer data platform in the time of Corona


Saturday 3 October 2020 08:45 PM

A window to the world – in an effort to provide deeper data insights to its clients in times of a pandemic Corona VirusMicrosoft made some improvements to its CDP, which it launched in February of last year.

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The new ‘Interaction Insights’ capability currently under review enables a deeper understanding of customer intent and behavior through cross-channel analyzes from websites andMobile applications And related products.

James Phillips, President Microsoft Business Applications: “We offer another dimension to customer profiles through integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.”

Organizations can increase profiles automatically with survey responses to truly uncover emotions and direct detailed customer segmentation, enabling agile actions that build brand loyalty and drive a bespoke customer understanding.

Through deep integration with Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, businesses can benefit from a library of templates Artificial intelligence It is pre-set, giving users the ability to run AI / ML-based analytics on their data to get fast insights without the need to engage data and IT scientists.

In addition, Microsoft offers a data management product to help protect that data, and it integrates with Microsoft Customer Voice, the company’s survey tool.

Phillips said in a blog post: “A lot has changed around the world since last year. The global Covid-19 pandemic has affected nearly every organization and their customers. It has inspired us to see how many organizations are using customer insights not just to survive but to thrive through This”.

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