Microsoft reveals .. Iranian attacks targeting prominent personalities


Microsoft announced, on Wednesday, that it had discovered and tried to stop a series of cyber attacks by the group (Phosphorous), which it described as an Iranian group, and that the attacks were targeting more than 100 prominent personalities.

With this scheme, Microsoft said in a blog, “Phosphorous, an Iranian group, targeted potential participants in the Munich Security Conference and the Thought Group (T20) summit in Saudi Arabia.”

The company added that it believes that (Phosphorous) launches these attacks for information gathering purposes.

Microsoft has followed the Phosphorous group since 2013 and said in March it had obtained a court order to control 99 websites that the group had used to carry out attacks.

In 2019, Microsoft monitored a “massive” online activity on the part of the group to penetrate the re-election campaign of US President Donald Trump, but it did not succeed.

The group has also targeted current and former US administration officials, journalists covering world politics, and prominent Iranian figures residing outside Iran.

Hacking to interfere in the elections has become a source of concern for governments, especially since the US intelligence services concluded that Russia ran a hacking and propaganda operation aimed at sabotaging the US democratic process in 2016 to help Trump.


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