Microsoft Releases a Switch to Use Xbox Control Knobs


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Microsoft Releases a Switch to Use Xbox Control KnobsToday, Thu Oct 29, 2020 3:02 pm

Microsoft has launched an adapter adapter that allows owners of the Xbox One Xbox One to use the control knobs on all computers and devices running Windows 10. The new adapter is available at only $ 25, and is connected to laptops or tablets through the USB port, and it will be charged to all users Starting on October 25, Microsoft has previously provided the Xbox App for Windows 10, which allows you to broadcast games from the Xbox One platform to computers running Windows 10, so the adapter can be used to control these games using the handles.

Microsoft has worked to develop Windows 10 for the Xbox One platform as well, with support for the universal application concept, Universal Apps, which allows game developers to program their games to run on all Windows 10 devices without having to rewrite them for each device. Microsoft aspires from this step to attract game lovers to install The new system, which reached more than 110 million users around the world. Microsoft previously launched some games that support all Windows 10 devices, such as Minecraft, Gigantic, and Gears of War.

In addition to supporting streaming games to Windows 10 computers, users of the Windows 10 demo on the Microsoft Xbox Xbox confirmed the presence of Cortana, a personal assistant, hidden inside the system.

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