Microsoft has begun to cancel Internet Explorer


Microsoft is taking additional steps to terminate the old Internet Explorer (IE) browser in favor of the new Chromium-based Edge browser.

The company has been recommending users for years to abandon IE, yet the browser still has nearly 5 percent of the market share in browser usage.

Soon Microsoft is taking more active measures to wean people away from IE.

The browser is now denying access to certain websites, and the requested site is automatically opened in Edge starting next month.

This mandatory behavior is part of Internet Explorer deprecation plans.

Microsoft is gradually rolling out the feature for testing purposes for some Windows users since Edge 84.

The company plans to enable the action for all IE users with version 87 of the Edge browser, due for release next month.

This behavior is enabled for only 1156 sites, and at the heart of this new feature is a new DLL that Microsoft has been adding within its Edge installations over the summer.

The new DLL (ie_to_edge_bho.dll) is a Browser Helper Object (BHO).

If the (BHO) file is stored inside the Edge folder, the (BHO) is downloaded via the registry key within Internet Explorer every time the user starts the IE browser.

The (BHO) file monitors the websites the user is trying to access, regardless of whether the navigation is by clicking on a link or by typing the website address into the address bar.

Each time this happens, the BHO file checks to see if the user’s URL is in the list of sites known to be incompatible with Internet Explorer.

Names on the list include the likes of YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook and Google, just to name a few.

When trying to access an incompatible site, the browser displays a message that reads: This site does not work with Internet Explorer, with a request from users to transfer IE settings, data and cookies to Edge Browser.

In addition to the redirects, Microsoft also plans to disable IE browser support in the various services offered by the software giant.

The company has warned users that the browser will not be able to log into accounts from Microsoft as of November 13.


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