Merkel warns of getting into a very difficult situation regarding the Corona virus


15 hours ago

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Berlin: German Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted on observing the cognitive situation as a criterion for taking any restrictions to confront the increasing numbers of emerging coronavirus “Covid 19” in light of the current escalation of the situation.
“We have a bit more knowledge today about the virus,” Merkel said today, Tuesday, in the capital Berlin, and these statements came before Merkel held new consultations with heads of state government on the situation on Wednesday.
The German Chancellor added: “We know how to protect ourselves. We can take action that is more goal-directed. But we also see in light of the increasing numbers that if we do not stick to what we know about the virus, then we will enter again into very difficult situations.
Merkel opposed the idea of ​​excluding patients, people in need of care and people with disabilities from social life in the context of protection from infection with the virus, adding that restrictions on spacing for people in hospitals and care institutions are very burdensome. She emphasized that for them, as well as for the entire Federal Council of Ministers, such restrictions can only be tolerated with difficulty, adding that these restrictions must be of limited duration.
The German Chancellor added, “Restrictions served and served to protect society as well as protect vulnerable groups … But the principle of protection should not lead to the separation of sectors of society … We will also not yield to the attempts to exclude millions of people in any way from social life.”
Merkel thanked all health care workers for their “great commitment.”


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