Mercato Al-Nasr .. A major swap deal has been settled that saves the global offensive from “treachery”, praise be to God


The Board of Directors of Al-Nasr Club, headed by Safwan Al-Suwaiket, reached a formal agreement to conclude a major exchange deal, less than 48 hours before the closing of the current summer transfers, in KSA.

Al-Nasr entered the new sports season 2020-2021, with 11 official deals; They are: “Amin Bukhari, Ali Lajami, Abdullah Al Shanqeeti, Osama Al Khalaf, Kim Jin Soo, Abdulaziz Al Alawi, Ali Al Hassan, Abdul Majeed Al Salihim, Sultan Al Enezi, Abdel Fattah Asiri, Betty Martinez.”

According to the “Sports Harvest” program, the young striker Raed Al-Ghamdi, the star of Al-Raed club, will transfer to the first football team with victory in the current summer Mercato..

The program indicated that the deal will include the transfer of Abdel Fattah Adam, the Al-Nasr striker, to the first football team of Al-Raed club, for a period of only one sporting season, on loan.

* Treachery, thank God

Al-Ghamdi’s deal will be a major blow to victory, especially in light of the player’s brilliance, specifically in the last sports season 2019-2020, in which he was the best local scorer in Saudi stadiums.

Al-Raed striker will be the best substitute for the great Moroccan star Abdel-Razzaq Hamdallah, striker of Al-Nasr club, especially in the event of the latter’s injury, or even a renewed crisis of his entitlements, for which he demanded to leave the first football team.

And the agent of Hamdallah’s business, revealed earlier, that the Hamdallah crisis with victory had ended “temporarily”, stressing at the same time that the case had not ended yet, and that the player could cancel his contract at any time.

The victory appeared to be affected by the absence of Hamdallah, especially in light of the decline in the level of Abdel Fattah Adam, who joined the team, in the summer of 2019, coming from cooperation, due to the large number of his injuries.

Adam, 25, has only played 15 matches with Al Nasr, since joining him in the summer of 2019, during which he scored only two goals, and made 3 more.

* Al-Ghamdi numbers

Returning to Al-Ghamdi, he is a 26-year-old striker, and he started his football career, in the Sunni categories of Al-Ahly club, before ascending to the first team, in 2014.

Over the course of two years with the first football team at Al-Ahly club, Al-Ghamdi participated, in only two matches, to be loaned to Al-Khaleej Club and then Uhud, before it was finally sold in 2018, to the subcontractor.

After one year with Al-Batin, Al-Ghamdi moved, in the summer of 2019, to Al-Raed, with whom he played 29 official matches, during which he scored 9 goals in all competitions.

Over the course of his football career, Raed Al-Ghamdi participated in 79 official matches, during which he scored 17 goals and created 3 assists, obtaining nine yellow cards.


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