Mercato Al-Hilal developments … an official statement that has settled the global deal and a crisis that Messi suffered from


Al-Hilal club settled a foreign deal of a heavy caliber, compensating for the departure of Brazilian Carlos Eduardo, who moved to the ranks of Al-Ahly youth in Dubai, after his contract with the Saudi leader ended.

And press reports revealed that Al-Hilal had settled the contract with the Venezuelan Sutildo, the Brazilian player of Santos, after the club’s management agreed to sell the brilliant player, the 23-year-old.

Deal developments

Santos administration agreed to sell Sotildo to Al Hilal, in return for $ 7 million, which will be paid in two installments, after the formal signing of the contracts.

The Venezuelan player will undergo a medical examination before officially signing his transfer contracts to Al Hilal, to wear the leader’s shirt during the current summer Mercato.

Official permit

Coach Coca, the coach of Santos Club, made statements to the media in his country after the game Curitiba in the Brazilian League, and ended in favor of his team with two goals to one, that this meeting may be the last for Sotido.

And he continued, Sweetldo is a very important player for Santos, but we must understand the matter, as the financial aspect is very important, and the goal that the 23-year-old has scored may be the last in the team’s colors.

Messi’s crisis

The media, Hammoud Al-Qahtani, talked about the Sotildo deal, after he approached Al-Hilal, explaining that the most recent word was that the player was short.

And he continued, through his personal account on the “Twitter” site, that Messi, the star of Barcelona, ​​has gone mad in the world, and he is very short in his industry, dribbling, shots and hard balls.

He concluded that all these deals are in Sotildo, the Al Hilal player who is expected to wear the leader’s logo over the next few days.


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