Members of the “party” attack media professionals … and give them 3 minutes!


Lebanon TV correspondent Nayla Shahwan announced on “Facebook” that “she and the photography team were attacked by party members while covering the second round of demarcation negotiations in Naqoura.”Shahwan wrote: When we covered the negotiation session in Naqoura, and after taking permission to film from the Lebanese army, three young civilians came to expel us from the area. They identified themselves that they were from a specific party. And throwing our photography kit, and give us 3 minutes to leave, otherwise. ”

Commenting on the “incident,” former Minister May Chidiac tweeted on her account via “Twitter”, stating that “Hezbollah operatives were the ones who attacked the media team.”Chidiac wrote: “The state of Hizbullah is a state without a state! A state of suppressing flags and blackouts!”

And she added, “I see what you are afraid of! Waiting for any cooking and for any international changes that you are betting! Banning coverage does not hide that you negotiate with Israel! You agreed as soon as you were silent!”

Chidiac concluded, “And here you are, you think, that by these methods, you are deceiving public opinion!”

The second round of indirect negotiations between the Lebanese and Israeli delegations, under the auspices of the United Nations and with an American agency, was held in Ras Naqoura at UNIFIL headquarters, and the Lebanese delegation carried maps and documents that show the meeting room. disputed points”.


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