Medicines crisis … Hassan reassures the Lebanese


The Minister of Public Health in the caretaker government, Hamad Hassan, held a meeting at the Ministry of Public Health attended by the Syndicate of Private Hospital Owners, Suleiman Haroun, and the Syndicate of Medical Supplies Importers Mrs. Salma Assi, during which the implications of the circular issued by the Banque du Liban were discussed in which the importing companies must pay the amounts due On it to the bank in Lebanese pounds in cash, and not by bank checks or drafts.Minister Hassan explained that “this circular has a negative impact, because most of the guarantors pay dues to hospitals by bank checks, which hospitals use in turn to pay pharmaceutical companies and medical supplies.” He announced that he had made two contacts, the first with the President of the Republic to request an exception to the health sector from the circular, and the second with the Minister of Finance in order to obtain his support for the position of the Ministry of Public Health and considering the time is not appropriate to increase the burdens on the health sector.

The Minister of Health indicated that “the meeting agreed that this circular will not affect the mechanism of securing medicines and medical supplies for hospitals, given that the issue will be resolved sooner or later, in order to ensure that the honorable citizens are not affected temporarily or temporarily by the results of the circular.” And he assured that “the medicines and supplies in the warehouse secure the market’s need until the end of the year and perhaps beyond that, provided that the Bank of Lebanon’s governance expedites the disbursement of the bills reserved at the bank.”

Minister Hassan stated that “the Ministry of Public Health is working at this difficult time to raise the readiness of government hospitals and help private hospitals to obtain their dues to raise their preparedness in the face of the Corona epidemic, and the Ministry is also following up with the Syndicate of Medicines and Supplies Importers to secure all medicines and supplies that are not in the market.” Reiterating an appeal to “the authorities, especially the Central Bank of Lebanon, to discuss with the Ministry of Public Health any measure related to the health sector in this sensitive circumstance.”


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