Mays Hamdan celebrates her birthday in the horror of Halloween .. Video


Actress Mays Hamdan celebrated her birthday, which coincides with Halloween on October 31, in an innovative way, as she underwent a terrifying video session that suits the atmosphere of Halloween as if she was in a horror movie inside a forest, so that her birthday and Halloween were celebrated at the same time and in this way.

Mays Hamdan published the video on her personal account on the “Instagram” website and commented: “My birthday is the same day as the day of the horror festival” Halloween “.. Every year I am good and God willing, a happy year for him and I fulfill all my dreams on the personal and professional level, and I will always be at the best expectations of people. I love me .. sweetheart, I celebrate my birthday in my own way. “

Mays Hamdan was present in the past days in El Gouna to attend the activities of the fourth session of the El Gouna Film Festival, and she told “The Seventh Day” television while attending the opening ceremony that she finds social media very influential, so she shares her fans with everything she does, especially during the period of the Coronavirus outbreak, Which allowed her more time

Mays Hamdan recently released her latest song, “Sah Sahh,” on the YouTube video site and song platforms, and the song is written by the poet Osama Al-Sulaimi, composed by Muhammad Al-Badr, distributed by Ahmed Al-Assal, Mix and Master Engineer Maher Salah, and the arrival of the Psalms of Muhammad Al-Nawwaf. Mays’s experiences singing in Al Khaleeji after she previously presented the song “Maraida” composed by Nasser Al-Saleh.


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