Masks limit Corona infection, but do not prevent it! Here are the details ..


Japanese researchers have shown that masks can provide protection from corona virus particles spread in the air, but even medical face shields do not completely stop the risk of transmission.

And scientists at the University of Tokyo set up an isolated room and put the faces of statues facing each other. Its tip is fitted with a cough inhaler that spreads real particles of the Coronavirus. The rest of the heads mimic normal breathing while the virus is flying into the air.

The researchers found that the cotton muzzle reduced the inhalation of the virus by 40%, and the medical muzzle 95 reduced it by 90%. But even when the medical mask was tightly placed on the statue’s face, particles of the virus leaked through it.

And when I put a muzzle, whether cotton or medical, on the face of the statue that spreads the disease, it limited the spread of the virus by 50%.

And the researchers wrote in a study published on Wednesday, they say: “The result was better when I put the muzzle on the face of those who spread the virus and those who receive it.”

There is a growing consensus among health experts that the virus can be transmitted through the air. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revised its indicative recommendations this month to say pathogens can linger in the air for hours.

Another team of Japanese researchers used supercomputers to show that air humidity significantly slows the spread of virus particles.

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