Maha Al-Masry took revenge on her daughter’s husband, Dima Bayaa, after the separation?


The Syrian star Dima deleted the allegiance to her husband, businessman Ahmed El-Helou, and so did he, but he did not say anything so far and sufficed with a terrible silence, while Dima denied that she had written the word “Tafoo” on the picture of Ahmed and his friends.

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Strangely, the picture that caused controversy was also deleted by Ahmed and is not present on his Instagram page, which increased some doubts about the fact of their separation.

Syrian actress Maha Al-Masry also entered the line and took revenge on her daughter by removing Ahmed from her friends list on Instagram and taking the same step, or was he the one who deleted her at the beginning.

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The name of Dima Bitt leads the search engine “Google” because her quarrel with her husband has become exposed despite the years of love, love and love that brought them together.

We hope that their dispute will end and that it will be a fleeting problem.

Maha Al-Masry deleted her daughter’s husband


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