MagSafe charges at full speed just in case if paired with the Apple 20W Charger only


There is a lot of confusion about the new Apple MagSafe charger. Apple says this charger allows users to charge their iPhone 12 at up to 15W, twice the charging speed compared to the regular wireless charging on current iPhones. However, recent tests have found that using it with older iPhone models causes the battery to charge at a very low speed of 2W.

However, it turns out that you may need to purchase additional accessories to allow the MagSafe charger to charge your iPhone at full speed. According to Zollotech’s Aaron Zollo, he ran some tests and discovered that if you want your MagSafe to charge at 15W as announced by Apple, you will need to purchase a 20W charger, which is a charger that Apple sells separately.

Apple has discontinued the charger in its iPhone cases claiming that it is doing so in order to protect the environment, but it seems that if you really want to take advantage of the full capabilities of the MagSafe charger, you will have to pay an additional $ 19 to buy a 20W charger. What’s more, MagSafe only works with the 20W charger that Apple makes.

Aaron Zollo tested the MagSafe charger with Apple’s other chargers, including the 96W charger that came with the MacBook Pro and found that it only outputs 10W of power with MagSafe. MagSafe has also tested with other companies’ chargers such as Aukey’s 65W Charger which only managed to output 8W to 9W of power from MagSafe. This is likely a security feature to prevent overheating or damage, but it looks a bit strange and also something to think about if you are considering purchasing a MagSafe Wireless Charger.


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