Long-term annoying symptoms of Corona


Tell me – Scientists are still fighting fierce battles to find out the secret of the emerging virus that killed people around the world, in the absence of a vaccine or effective treatment against this deadly epidemic.

Corona causes varying symptoms between those who become infected, while some suffer from severe disorders that reach death, the majority do not experience any symptoms or they feel only mild symptoms.

In addition, the troubles of some “Covid 19” patients do not end upon complete recovery, that is, when they are examined and the result is “negative”, because their suffering continues with long-term unpleasant symptoms, according to the American “Washington Post” newspaper.

These persistent symptoms, or what is known as “long Covid”, cause concern among doctors because many infected people have got rid of the virus, but they still suffer from disturbing disorders.

Fatigue and shortness of breath

Preliminary studies and research revealed that the most common symptoms reported by those recovering from Corona are feeling tired, shortness of breath, headache, insomnia, chest and joint pain, coughing, loss of sense of taste and smell, in addition to a rash and fever. The symptoms that are less recorded among the recovered patients are hearing disorders and what is known as “brain fog”.

Symptoms include other organs in the body such as the heart, lungs and brain, even if the infected person did not experience any symptoms due to Corona, according to researchers.

And since the disease appeared and spread less than a year ago, researchers believe that providing a clear picture of the long-term effects of the infection remains difficult.

One viewer

A French study revealed that two-thirds of patients who showed mild or moderate symptoms reported at least one long-term symptom after 60 days of recovery. The study included a sample of 150 non-critical coronavirus patients, between March and June.

In a similar study conducted in Italy, it was found that 87% of Corona patients suffered from at least one long-term symptom, especially fatigue and shortness of breath. However, this study included elderly patients who had suffered serious complications as a result of infection.

According to the researchers, these disorders that accompany patients after recovering from viruses are not surprising because they are recorded after recovery from several viral infections such as hepatitis B, what is known as the Isthtay Bar virus, and sometimes even the common flu.


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