Live broadcast | Watching the match between Zamalek and Al-Masry Al-Borsaidi in the Egyptian League


Submit to you a site Mercato Day broadcast live Lumbara ”Zamalek And Al-Masry Al-Borsaidi ”in one of Today’s matches Thursday 1-10-2020 within the 31st round of Egyptian League.

Transfer match “Zamalek And Al-Masry Al-Borsaidi “on Ontime Sports Channel HD, with the voice of commentator “Hatem Battisha” on the first audio channel, and “Moamen Hasan” on the second audio channel.

The match starts at 20:00 local time Egypt, 21:00 am Saudi, 18:00 GMT, at the Burj Al Arab Stadium.

Longer face Zamalek Imam Al-Masry is the first for the new technical director of the White Knight.Jamie Pacheco“Who followed the last match in front of” El Gouna “from the fans’ seats.

Will strive Zamalek To achieve a victory in order to continue maintaining the second place it occupies with 61 points, 4 points behind the third “Pyramids”, and 9 points behind the fourth-placed “Arab Contractors”.

In return look forward to “Al-Masry Al-BorsaidiTo achieve a second successive victory after defeating the “Aswan” team in the last round.

Al-Masry is in 13th place in the ranking table Egyptian League With a score of 33 points, two points behind the 14th place, in which “Wadi Degla” is located.

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Zamalek 1-0 Egyptian

Cairo International Stadium

🏆Egyptian League (Round 31)

Now underway – first half

Live broadcast written moment by moment

  • welcome to broadcast live The match “Zamalek and Al-Masry” in the 31st round of the Egyptian League.
  • It transmits to you the events of the match.Mohab Zayed“From the center Live broadcast Expected Mercato Day.
  • Refresh the page to get acquainted with the result.
  • Zamalek Collection | Muhammad Abu Jabal – Hazem Imam – Mahmoud Alaa – Mahmoud Al-Wensh – Abdullah Jumah – Ferjani Sassi – Ahmed Syed Zizou – Islam Jaber – Youssef Obama – Ashraf Bin Sharqi – Kabongo Kasungu.
  • Egyptian lineup | Ahmed Masoud – Karim Al Iraqi – Amr Moussa – Hassan Ali – Ahmed Shousha – Farid Shawky – Abdel Rahman Zain – Omar Kamal – Emeka Easy – Moftah Taqtak – Mahmoud Wadi.
  • 0 start of the match ..
  • “13 The referee is up to the fugitive to verify the existence of a penalty kick in favor of Zamalek.
  • “15 El-Far confirms the validity of a penalty kick for Zamalek after hitting Kasongo’s cross in the hands of a defender inside the area.
  • “17” Mahmoud Alaa He takes the penalty kick and pays it to the right of the goalkeeper who has gone in the opposite corner.
  • “20 And there have been no serious attacks in the last few moments.
  • 24 Ahmed Zizou sends a very dangerous ground cross from the right side that passed by Ashraf Bin Sharqi strangely. The ball needed a touch to hug Masoud’s net.
  • 25 Amin Omar scores a penalty kick in favor of Al-Masry.
  • “27” The mouse cancels Amin Omar’s decision to count the penalty kick.
  • “30 Cooling Break now.
  • “32 The referee shall resume play.
  • 36🟥 Zamalek player Ferjani Sassi is being sent off after he improperly intercepted the match referee.
  • “37 Sassi refuses to leave the stadium and continues to object very badly to Amine Omar.
  • 38 Bin Sharqi and the Zamalek players have succeeded in calming Sassi, and the player leaves the stadium at these moments.
  • 39, Sassi is expected to face harsh penalties in the coming period.
  • “40 five minutes remain until the end of the original time for the first half, and Zamalek is still ahead with a clean goal.
  • “45 The referee adds five minutes as a calculated time instead of lost.
  • 45 + 1 patter, shooting a powerful ball from outside the penalty area, Abu Jabal tackled it brilliantly to go out to the corner.
  • “45 + 4, a second penalty kick for Zamalek, after an apparent obstruction from the defender, Ahmed Sayed Zizou.
  • “45+5🟨 yellow card Ali Mahmoud Wadi.
  • 45 + 6 Mahmoud Alaa wastes the penalty kick.
  • “45 + 6 whistle at the end of the first half, with Zamalek advancing 1-0.

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