Live broadcast | Watch the match between Bayern Munich and Lokomotiv Moscow today in the Champions League


The RZD Arena will host an important match between Bayern Munich and its Russian counterpart, Lokomotiv Moscow, this evening, Tuesday, October 28, in the second round of Group A of the UEFA Champions League.

Kora 365 offers its followers to watch the Bayern Munich match against Lokomotiv Moscow live broadcast today, which is scheduled to start at 8:55 pm Mecca time, i.e. eight to five minutes Egyptian local time, and will be broadcast on the air exclusively on the beIN Sport HD1 screen with an audio performance For the Egyptian commentator Ali Muhammad Ali.

The two teams enter different circumstances, as Bayern Munich succeeded in providing a distinguished performance in the last round in the Champions League by beating Atletico by four, and continued to achieve a broad victory in the German League over Eintracht Frankfurt by five without a response, while Lokomotiv Moscow presents an unstable level as it tied in the Champions League with Red Bull Salzburg with two goals each, and lost in the Russian League Rotor Volgograd with two goals to one.

Bayern Munich aspires to continue the series of victories and to provide a distinguished performance in its career since the last season until now, and to defend its European title, “The Champions League”, which it achieved the previous season, especially since this meeting may be within reach, because Bayern defeated big teams before that. But he should be careful.

As for the Russian team, it hopes to be in its best conditions today in front of the stubborn and difficult Bavarian, in order to try to achieve a positive result that raises the morale of the team, and through which it will forget the failure in the previous rounds.

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