Live broadcast | Watch the Manchester United and Leipzig match today in the Champions League


Working football fans are waiting for a strong match between Manchester United and Leipzig, this evening, Wednesday, October 28, at Old Trafford, for the second round of Group E of the UEFA Champions League group stage.

Followers of Kora 365 will be on a date with watching the live broadcast of the Manchester United and Leipzig match today, which is scheduled to start today at 11:00 pm Mecca Al-Mukarramah local time, i.e. ten in the local time, and will be broadcast on the air exclusively on the BN Sport HD2 channel with an audio performance by the commentator Hafeez My dragee.

Man United enters the match with high confidence and high morale after winning the first round of the group stage in the tournament, over Paris Saint-Germain with two goals to one.

The Red Devils returned to creativity again, so I prepared greatly for the meeting today and fully prepared in order to strive towards victory and continue reaping points, and try to qualify for the next round without any obstacles.

While Leipzig is the stubborn and strong German team, which has recently appeared wonderfully, it is now at the top of the group with 3 points, prompting it to present a strong match against United, and it will try to snatch victory from him and his heels high and return from outside the home with his head raised.

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