Live broadcast | Watch the Al-Ahly and Al-Batin match today 10/18/2020 in the Saudi League


Al-Batin Club Stadium will host a strong match between Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia and its host Al-Batin, this evening, Sunday, October 18, as part of the opening of the first round competitions of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup League for professionals in the new season 2020/2021 AD.

Followers of the Kora 365 site will be on a date with watching the live broadcast of the Al-Ahly and Al-Batin match, which is scheduled to start today at 6:00 pm Mecca time, that is, 5 pm Egypt time, and will be broadcast on the air exclusively through the Saudi Sports Channel HD3 with an audio performance by commentator Jaafar Al-Salih.

Al-Raqi prepared for the new season with full force, and restored its ranks with new deals in order to appear strongly in the league and all tournaments, after exiting the AFC Champions League from the quarter-final stage against the sister of the Saudi victory with two unanswered goals.

The emperor has prepared and prepared well for his first test of this season, as he will face a new challenge with a newly emerging professional team, so he will fight hard to achieve a victory and not underestimate the opponent to collect the first 3 points in his career.

While the newly promoted sub-sub into the Prince Muhammad Bin Salman Cup League, he realizes the difficulty of the season for him and the confrontation, but he prepared with all strength for all scenarios and strengthened his ranks with many deals that will make the difference in order to compete with all strength to stay in the league and not be a guest of honor, so he will fight for Achieve a positive result in this meeting.

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