LEGO Microgame … a platform to build games with virtual LEGO blocks


LEGO has teamed up with game engine manufacturer Unity to develop the new LEGO Microgame platform, where you can group virtual LEGO blocks together to build your own game world environment.

LEGO is celebrating its 25th anniversary by collaborating with the 3D content development platform Unity to bring you a new game that you can create with virtual cubes.

The new LEGO Microgame platform is free and does not require prior knowledge of video game programming, because the platform walks you through steps in order to build and share your game in less than 45 minutes.

All you have to do to get started is follow the (Unity) tutorial, and once you’ve designed your game to your liking, you can play the Lego mini-game in a new virtual world.

(Creative Mods) in (Unity) help you do things like build an enemy, customize menus, and change the player look to an adventurer or pirate.

And you can customize even more by importing the collections created in BrickLink Studio into the platform, as BrickLink is an online marketplace for buying and selling LEGO parts, minifigures and collections.

There are also add-ons, like (Space Cadet) and (Danger Zone), and you can access them by doing things like sharing your game or updating your game.

The LEGO Microgame platform is simple enough that Unity says you can build and customize a 3D game in less than an hour.

Beginners can easily navigate the game, and the company said: Part of the mission includes making game development easier and reducing obstacles for new users.

The new platform appears to be a useful way for people who enjoy Lego games to experience the gaming industry or for people interested in programming to use the Unity game engine.

(Unity) company said: This game allows you to discover a beautiful experience using virtual LEGO bricks while learning how to use the basic (Unity) systems.

Designed with LEGO fans in mind, Unity and LEGO are designed to make the initial experience of anyone developing the game an enjoyable one.

Source: Arab portal


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