Lebanon escapes from a new waste crisis


The work of collecting waste from the streets of some districts of Mount Lebanon and the southern suburbs of Beirut resumed yesterday evening, after it accumulated for days, due to the failure of the two companies responsible for sweeping and collecting garbage in these areas, in protest against the non-payment of their dues by the state in dollars.

The return of the workers of “City Blue” and “Ramco” came after an agreement was reached between them and the municipalities and the Ministry of Finance to pay the dues through a mechanism agreed by the parties, as confirmed by Representative Fadi Alama, who was present at the meeting.Alama told Al-Sharq Al-Awsat that “during the meeting, an agreement was reached on a quick solution mechanism that the Minister of Finance in the caretaker government, Ghazi Wazni, will work on with the Banque du Liban during the next forty-eight hours, on the basis of which the two companies take their dues with a mechanism that enables them to pay their obligations.”

The “City Blue” company, which is responsible for collecting waste in some areas of Mount Lebanon and the southern suburbs of Beirut, announced at the beginning of last week, the suspension of work to raise waste within the southern suburbs of Beirut and some districts of Mount Lebanon, due to the failure of the Lebanese state to pay the company dues in dollars, according to the signed contract. With her, noting that the banking restrictions put in place by the Association of Banks and the Bank of Lebanon, especially the recent circular regarding the payment of the price of fuel in cash, made the company unable to secure its fuel needs to operate its machinery.For the same reasons, “Ramco” company announced last Sunday that it is no longer able to continue its operations within the areas of Beirut and the districts of Matn and Keserwan (Mount Lebanon), indicating that if it does not take its dues from the state in dollars, it will not be able to pay its debts resulting from the purchase of equipment. And it will be unable to pay its obligations to the banks and its operational cost of spare parts and the like.

Alama affirmed that “City Blue” will resume removing the accumulated waste from all the regions entrusted to it, pointing out that what was reached during the meeting is “a quick solution to the immediate crisis related to the banking procedures and the rise in the dollar price, provided that the Minister of Environment, after forming the government, can work on a file Waste and find final solutions ».

Lebanon had witnessed a pile of waste in the streets last July, due to a strike by foreign workers in the two companies from work, due to their refusal to receive their salaries in Lebanese pounds, whose purchasing power had deteriorated.

The dollar crisis had prompted companies to deport a number of foreign workers, just as a municipality in the southern suburbs had announced that it had opened the way to employ Lebanese cleaning workers.


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