Lebanese Nour shoots a number of scenes for the series “The Beauty of the Harem” in Al-Nahhas Studio


The team of the series “Jamal Al-Harem” continues filming their interior scenes from the work, inside Al-Nahhas Studio, where the scenes of the work heroine, the Lebanese artist Nour, gathered with a number of artists participating in the tournament. The company producing it and showing it on television.

The series “Jamal Al-Harem” belongs to the quality of the work of the 45 episodes of the show in the winter season and is written by Sawsan Amer and directed by Manal Al-Saifi, and starring Dina Fouad, Islam Gamal, Firas Saeed, Hazem Samir, Karim Abdel Khaleq, and the young artist Rana Rais, Hoda Al-Atribi, as number appears. Who stars as guests of honor during the events.

The Lebanese actress, Nour embodies the role of a “broadcaster”, during the events of the series, which takes place in the context of suspense and excitement, where the heroine and her friend are exposed to crises with the jinn and demons, and the events follow.

On the other hand, Lebanese Nour is participating in the series “Omar Al-Naji (Trojan War), starring Amir Karara, in 8 episodes, which will be shown on the platform watch itWritten and directed by Peter Mimi, and produced by Synergy.


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